Crossfit Competitions - CW Photography

I remember the first CrossFit competition I did, the hours of prep that went into it beforehand, the mental preparation and the way I went into it with the ideology of "I just want to do my best". It was the best thing I could have done. I pushed myself outside my comfort zone, hit several personal records and left feeling proud of myself. 

When I go into shooting a competition or an athlete, I want to capture the fire the burns inside them. When they dig deep, that's the moment that speaks to me. My photography captures these moments, plus the feel of the entire event. 

If you like the pictures you see here, click on the blog link above you, to see more. For pricing, competitions start at $300 plus tax and go from there. I take into consideration the distance to the box, how many WOD's are happening concurrently and if any equipment needs to be rented. I deliver roughly 100+ pictures per WOD, plus pictures of volunteers, set-up and little details.

To book me, email me at, I would love to capture your competition!

Competitions I have shot include:


          - Pound for Pound Challenge hosted by 5th Gear CrossFit

          - My Mommy is Stronger than Your Mommy Competition hosted by 5th Gear CrossFit

          - Bring the Heat 2-day competition hosted by Katy CrossFit

          - Oktoberfest Obliteration VI hosted by Over the Line CrossFit

          - Texas Fall Classic hosted by Pearland CrossFit

          - 2014 Clutch Classic hosted by Clutch CrossFit

          - 2015 Survival of the Fittest hosted by Beltway CrossFit 

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