Lifestyle Photography - CW Photography

I had my first lifestyle/storytelling session six months ago and I loved how the photographer captured my husband and I in our home and got the natural interactions of the two of us. Those are my favorite pictures of us. We look happy, we are in our home, it's natural. And yet the pictures are gorgeous because they capture us.

Want to capture your story? I can bring the session to your home, and capture your family doing everyday things or family traditions. Did you just have a child and want to capture your new family while the baby is still tiny? Did your child just learn how to master riding a bike? Read books? Graduate? Or do you want to capture your child starting at a new school? I also capture holiday traditions, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. I want to capture the small but meaningful milestones in your family's life.

Wanting to know the investment that is required to book a session with me? Click here.

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