Session - CW Photography

What to Expect

Thank you for wanting to do a storytelling shoot! Here is what to expect on the "big day"

1. I will need you to fill out this questionnaire , so that I can get to know you and your family before the shoot. It also lets me pinpoint specific themes and images are important to you.

2. We pick a date and time! A date that works for you and your family, as well as myself.

3. Two weeks before the shoot we will plan the activities that will happen during the shoot and confirm that all characters will be in attendance.

4. Day of! I arrive with my camera and lenses in tow, ready to put a face to the name and get to know all the members of your family.

5. We start the activities, I converse or joke around with your family and capture the natural connection between yourself and the ones you love. We have fun, take breaks when needed. It's like I become a member of your family for 90 minutes.

6. After roughly 90 minutes, when I feel I have captured everything or your children have indicated they are done (or even your husband!) I will bid you and your wonderful family adieu and make my way home with your family's pictures in tow.

7. I sometimes can't help myself and need to process some pictures right away. I usually know as I shoot, what I want to touch right away. From there I will send you some teasers and they might also wind up on Facebook. Cause I love Facebook!

8. Over the next 2 weeks (or less, depending on my workload) I will work on your gallery. Once it is complete I will send you a link to the private gallery for your viewing pleasure. More pictures might wind up on Facebook and my blog. The gallery will allow you to download your photos to your laptop. Your number of photos will range from 30 to 40, but with a goal of it being closer to 40.

What is Expected of You

1. Once we set a date, I need you to block the day and time off for me.

2. Informing those in your life that this is happening. Nothing is more awkward than arriving the day-of and having the husband be surprised that he is about to be photographed for the next 90 minutes!!

3. Plan your outfits in advance. And feel free to use me as a resource! We can plan the look you want, complimentary colours, etc.

4. Pick up your home a little. It does not need to be scowered clean by any means, just picked up, the chaos brought down to a dull roar.

Just remember, I want to capture you! So when we plan the things you and your family will do during the shoot, it's things you would normally do or enjoy doing together as a family. This is fun!

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